Sadaff Habib

Publication: Kluwer Arbitration Blog

Firms will often write that for effective representation it is best to engage law firms at an early stage in the dispute process. Whilst there may be some merit in this, it may not necessarily be entirely true. It is evident that in-house roles are not what they were initially thought to be. In house lawyers today are expected to do more than just ‘manage’ the dispute. The result: it is possible for some cases to be managed entirely in house and/ or for law firms to be involved at a later stage. So how does the in house lawyer decide when the time is ripe to get external counsel.

Sadaff Habib, Associate in our Dubai office, highlights four (4) points that the in house lawyer should consider when deciding to get an external law firm on board:

A Note to in House Lawyers: When Do You Appoint a Law Firm for an Arbitration?